About Card

This is a FREE card that is provided to uninsured or underinsured consumers in an effort to help reduce the retail cost of their prescription medications.

The NetRX Card is a FREE and EASY way to SAVE MONEY on prescriptions.

  • One NetRX Card covers the entire family.
  • NetRX is accepted at all major chains.
  • NetRX provides discounts up to 75%.
  • There is no paperwork with NetRX. Your card is ready-to-use immediately.
  • NetRX offers average savings of 54%.

Saving is as EASY as 1. 2. 3.

  1. Print out card. It's FREE, instantly activated and ready to use.
  2. Present to Pharmacist when picking up your prescription medication.
  3. Use your savings card just as you would any other savings or insurance card.
  4. Already have insurance? Ask your pharmacist to run both your insurance and savings card and use the one that costs you the least money, out of pocket. Sometimes the savings card will offer better prices than your copay. You just have to ask.
  5. ePrescribing - if your Physician ePrescribes you can still use our card. Just ask your Physician to input your Savings Card information into the system when they submit your prescription to your Chain Pharmacy of choice. If you forget, you can always ask your pharmacist to run the claim against your card when you get there to pick up your medication.

If you have questions concerning this card, our Customer Services Representatives are here to help. Just give us a call at 888-532-3299. We're available from 9am-6pm EST.